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LEARN: Lonestar Education and Research Network

In 2004, LEARN was created when Texas research institutions and health science centers reached a consensus on a shared vision that it was strategically important to create an organization dedicated to high performance networking in Texas. 

LEARN was enabled by the Texas Legislature via SB1771 in Legislative Session 78, House Bill 7, and supported by the Governor, Lt. Governor, and Speaker of the House, to help build a high speed, advanced fiber optic network for research, education, healthcare, and their non-profit partners to serve the State of Texas.

In the years since, LEARN has become a vital and trusted partner empowering its members to execute their missions through technology and collaboration.

LEARN's Vision: LEARN will be the most efficient and effective enabler of research, education, healthcare, and public service communities in Texas using technology and shared services.

Network Infrastructure

  •  LEARN's optical fiber network spans over 3,200 miles across the state                  
  • Connects over 300 direct & affiliate members
  • Scalable state-of-the art optical fiber technology
  • East to west from Beaumont to El Paso and north to south from Lubbock to Brownsville
  • LEARN owned high-performance routers at its 26 strategically located POPs

Member Spotlight

Spur Protection Project Adds Redundancy to LEARN Network

Lamar University recently received added LEARN connectivity with a successful test of its backup circuit. A project years in the making, LEARN is happy to provide Lamar University's campus with an alternate networking route and circuit to minimize uninterrupted service. 

By pulling in Louisiana Optical Network Infrastructure (LONI) to assist with the new path, LEARN was able to solve its problem through collaboration, a creative way to address member connectivity challenges. As a project benefit, LONI is able to connect to the Midsouth U.S. Internet Exchange (MUS-IX) with this new route. MUS-IX is a coalition of four regional research and education networks that includes LEARN in Texas, OneNet in Oklahoma, ARE-ON in Arkansas, and LONI in Louisiana.